The Project:

In 2020 we will be bringing The Black Light Project to the communities of Rocky Mount, Nash, and Edgecombe counties to highlight the Black males who are everyday heroes in those communities.

A compilation of photographs and interviews will be displayed at the Imperial Center’s Maria V. Howard Arts Center. This event will be a celebration of the beauty and strength of Black Men within in this community.

What do we mean by “everyday hero”?

The idea of the project is not about perfection. It is to highlight the stories of Black men from all walks of life. From the young man attending his local college, to the more seasoned man who just opened up his first business. To the father of four who reads to his kids at night, to the man who has had some hardships and pulling it together and putting his past behind him. To the man who willingly shares his challenges in life and makes an effort to share a kind word with people he comes in contact with. Each person should have a story to tell that reflects on his life as a story of growth, perseverance, and positivity that impacts lives around him; whether that is his family, co-workers, classmates, mentees or church family.

What are the criteria?

1. Be a black male 18 yrs or older.

2. Be a native of Rocky Mount or Nash/Edgecombe County or Have resided in the area for a minimum of 5 years.

3. Must NOT have any active investigations or criminal charges pending.