The Black Light Project is designed to challenge the media narrative and present the real everyday hero Black males who are impacting our lives.

In February 2017, The Black Light Project will be displayed in the Craig Goess Building of Pitt Community College. Part 1 is a photography exhibit of black males who exemplify the real narrative of black men in our community. Part 2 is a documentary that will be shown throughout the month of February on the PCC campus and will be open to the community. Part 3 is a conference on the state of Black males in our community (date TBD). We invite our community leaders, members and everyone in our community to see Black men as we know they are: Contributors, Investors and Partners to impact the future!





The creation of The Black Light Project is more than artistic expression, it is a movement designed to start the conversation and change the narrative that often accompanies Black males. The project began with the following goals in mind:

Acknowledge the positive influence of black males in the community.

Increase the individual (or subject’s) view of the importance of daily accountability and contributions to community.

Provide a media format to focus on the positive impact of black lives on their community.

Engage community, local government, business and educational institutions in the conversation about the role of positive black images in improving relations amongst these entities.

Photography courtesy of individual subjects and photographers as noted.