Torey, 42

"It has not been peachy and rosy for the whole journey. At all. I have almost thrown it away "

Torey, a native of Pitt County, can rarely be found without a smile on his face and a kind word. His smile is a testimony to navigating life and successfully coming to terms with what the "good life" means. He says he learned some of his greatest lessons on the streets of Greenville that geared him to become the God-fearing family man he is today. Looking back over his 42 years, he often reminisces about the paths he has taken and how the smallest decisions guided his life in one way or another. Beaming with pride, he talks about the sacrifice of putting his wife, Teneshia through school - working 3 jobs at one point - and that of being a father. He credits his wife and son with standing by his side through the ups and downs and making him the man he is.

A part of Torey's mission in life is to give back to young men who may be off course or headed that way. He wants them to know experience is not always the best teacher and an attitude focused on the good things in life reaps more benefits.

"I say there is nothing to speaking positive. I can always see something positive...Regardless of what's going on."