Nassir, 20

"I wanna do something big..."

As the oldest of 3 children, Nassir sees his role in life as a trailblazer, setting a new tone for his siblings and family. A native of the small town of Ayden, North Carolina, he shares a story of coming to age as a biracial young man in the South, using education to challenge the limits set by poverty.  His stoic face stands in contrast to the bouncy energy and jubilance that he emits. However, his role as Bruiser, the Pitt Community College's Bulldog mascot, gives him the opportunity to be cloaked in anonymity and share his zest for life with those around him. A member of Next Level Male Mentoring, he has proven to be a student that craves knowledge that will help in his education and the next phase in his life as a leader.