Henry, 34

"That day I learned I have to reach in the mirror and hug who I am currently or I would never shake the hand of who I am to become."

Known as 'Sir Nurse' and a self-proclaimed Military brat, Henry's perspective on life is influenced by the challenges he takes on in an effort to shift the landscape of possibilities for Black males. After a co-worker died after only 2 weeks of retirement, Henry wondered if he was fulfilling his dreams. Was he pursuing his best self? In a sobering moment he asked himself "Is this what I want my eulogy to read?"

Becoming 'Sir Nurse' with his catchphrase "You better google me', his role as a nurse in a critical unit, and one of 2 black males, he accepts that he is not the norm. He is proud to challenge the notions of Black males in healthcare and he accepts the responsibility of being a role model. 

"...No matter what the storms of life bring. What things you acquire materially, could all fade away, but the story of your journey will always lay in your hands."