Maurice, 21

"[I...] understand that what I have been through in the past can be helpful when I get to the future."

Maurice, a native of Pitt County, says he has moved 20 times in his life; including stops in West Virginia, Ohio, as well as, 3 counties in North Carolina. Being the odd man out or new man on campus, he learned to adapt to new environments and new people, quickly. Although, not always comfortable at the time, Maurice feels he is able to navigate the through ups and downs with confidence and poise. 

His interests range from professional, as the President of the Student Government Association and Board of Trustees member at Pitt community College, to musical. He possesses a unique ability to exist and thrive in both worlds as a leader and standout. 

"...I do music. That is my biggest passion. I love literature and things of that nature. I also want to give back to the community."