Taimak, 26

"We are in it for the outcome versus the income. Outcome of the kid. Outcome of us as a people."

Being an educator wasn't on the radar for Taimak when he first enrolled at East Carolina University; computer engineering was. After volunteering for Big Brother & Big Sister, he made the big leap into education, specifically elementary education. As one of three Black male teachers in his school, he recognizes that the presence of Black males is impactful to young students of color who feel instantly connected to their positive influence.

Looking back over his own upbringing as an adopted child, who sometimes got into trouble, Taimak uses his natural drive to help other people to guide him as an educator to his young students, as well as, his desire to be a role model.

"My mama used to say 'Get em while they're young.' and that's why I went into education. If I can save at least one or two lives..."