Quaysean, 25

"In order to have connection to what you say you want to help, you have to be tangible to it."

Quaysean, a native of West Greenville, knows the streets and neighborhoods West Greenville like the back of his hand. He reminisces on his upbringing, heavily influenced by his mother and grandmother; and later, by his father, when he was in his late teens. His outlook on life isn't about what is not there, but what is there and how to make the most of that and defy to the odds.

A natural seeker of knowledge he is the owner of Born Bosses Apparel, with his own storefront location; he says this is only the beginning as he plans to take over the fashion industry starting in his hometown. Beyond that, he values his relationship with the people from his city, his family and his children. 

"If I can be some sort of light or direction, I think that's good. I think that's dope."